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Exclusive Group and Corporate Events 

Karting for groups of between 12 and 210 drivers.


  •  Decide how many people you have.

  •  Choose the event type that suits your group size (i.e. sprint or endurance)

  •  Choose any extras (i.e. catering, additional activities).

  •  Decide on a date and time (am/pm or evening) and have a second date in mind.

  •  Ring our friendly sales team on 01634 719791 to reserve your date.

  •  Complete your booking form and pay your deposit/balance.


Its as easy as that – all you need to then do is simply arrive on the day and enjoy your event.

Sprint Races

for 12 to 48 Guests


Sprint races are ideal for smaller groups. Each driver races in a series of short, sharp races in which they score points. The top point scorers then race in a final to decide who will get the trophies. Ideal for group sizes of between 12-48 drivers.


All our Exclusive and Group Sprint events include


  • Practice, heats & a final for the top scorers (Race lengths vary by event & weather)

  • Exclusive use of the International or National for the Nano sprint

  • Presentation ceremony and excellent trophies for the day's top 3 drivers.

Min 12 karts - Call 01634 719791 price

Endurance Races

for 12 to 210 Guests


Endurance races can be either individual (30m, 45m, 60m) or team events (1hr, 2hr 3hr, 6hr). Team races include pit stops for driver changes/fuel stops and are best suited to larger groups of up to 210 drivers. (35 karts, teams of 6)


All our Exclusive and Group Endurance events include


  • Practice laps followed by an endurance race (endurance length dependent on event type)

  • Exclusive use of the full International circuit 

  • Presentation ceremony and excellent trophies for each driver (or team member) in the top three of the day.

Min 12 karts - call 01634 719791 for price

All our Group and Corporate events include


  • Total event management by an experienced NKA race director

  • Computerised lap timing and individual printouts Supply of well prepared karts, clean race suits,helmets, gloves & rib protectors

  • Electronic outdoor scoreboards and multi camera CCTV display and indoor monitors

  • Fully insured

  • Permanent medical centre onsite with qualified technician in attendance

  • Use of our site facilities

For more information and to tailor your event needs call us on

01634 719791
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Buckmore Kart.jpg

Enduro Series

Enduro Series

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