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Here you will find details about our Arrive 'n' Drive karting championships, exclusive karting events, karting fun races and non championship kart races. Whatever kart event you are interested in or choose, all our karting events are fully inclusive of everything you need to take part. Turn up with your trainers or race boots and you are ready to race in your chosen DJ Motorsport hire kart event!
All our karting events are at the excellent Buckmore Park International Kart Circuit in Kent
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Wednesday 23rd - Enduro Series R1 - Arrival 7pm
Sunday 27th - Spring Fun Race - Arrival 10am

Tuesday 6th - 315 Challenge R2 - Arrival 7pm
Wednesday 21st - Enduro Series R2 - Arrival 7pm

Tuesday 3rd - 315 Challenge R3 - Arrival 7pm
Saturday 28th - Lift Industry Kart Challenge 2014
Sunday 29th - Summer Fun Race - Arrival 10am
Wednesday 11th - Enduro Series R3 - Arrival 7pm

Tuesday 1st - 315 Challenge R4 - Arrival 7pm
Wednesday 16th - Enduro Series R4 - Arrival 7pm
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Wednesday 23rd - Enduro Series R1
New fleet of RX7 Pro and RX7 Sport karts from March 2009
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New fleet of RX7 Pro and RX7 Sport karts from March 2009
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