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Enduro Series Arrive & Drive Rules & Regulations


Enduro Series is a one hour arrive & drive non championship endurance race with either single drivers or 2 drivers in each team. The event is to promote a friendly, competitive, fair and enjoyable race. All drivers must be 16 years old or over or 14 years old or over with a valid and current MSA licence (subject to race directors approval). Normal Buckmore Park general rules and regulations apply.



There is a 10 minute practice/qualifying period and then 1 x 60 minute race. The driver or team passing the chequered flag first are the winners on the night.


The Karts

The karts for this championship will be the Sodi RT8 390cc karts, maintained and owned by Buckmore Park.


Arrival & Sign on

Drivers will sign on and attend driver briefing. Any driver not attending driver briefing will not be able to take part. Teams are required to have completed signing on by 19.30 hrs.



A 10 minute qualifying period to determine the class grid will take place. All drivers must take part in qualifying. Teams and drivers may change their karts if required during practice/qualifying until the chequered flag has been shown. Karts may not be changed after the qualifying/practice period chequered flag and before the race start, unless authorised by the Race Director due to mechanical or safety reasons.


The Grid

At the end of the 10 minute qualifying period, the grid will be formed with the fastest qualifying time in pole position and the slowest last.


The Pit Stop

A compulsory pit stop for single drivers and a driver change for teams must take place between 25 & 35 minutes.


Round Result

The final race result will be the first past the chequered flag at race end.



Trophies will be provided for the top 3 karts of each round.


Race Director & Organiser

Buckmore Park Karting Limited general circuit rules apply. Full race safety briefing and details will be given at each race, BPKL & DJML have the right to exclude any driver without refund. The race director and organisers decision is final and these rules may change after consultation with the race director and competitors.

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